BFAR Kelpie X


Kelpie X Labrador Retriever

Dog Info

DOB: 01/10/2022
Breed: Kelpie X Labrador Retriever
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Adoption fee: $650


Missy is a little miss, pictured here with her foster sibling! This beautiful girl has a brave heart and not much phases her. She needs a young dog playmate. She is a smart pup and can sit, shake, touch and lay down. She is a very dog social and will keep up with the best of them, in saying this she will need lots of socialising to keep her doggy manners in check. This pup has energy but she also loves a snuggle and will cry to be picked up and fall asleep in her arms. Missy’s crate training is going well and she would best suit a family who loves training and making her one of the family. Missy is still being house trained and can be a bit mouthy, but has progressed really well in such a short time.