Aj and Rollie Bonded Pair

Available for Adoption

Aj Labrador Retriever, Rollee Kelpie X

Dog Info

Date of Birth: Aj 01/10/2012, Rollee 18/11/2010
Breed: Aj Labrador Retriever, Rollee Kelpie X
Sex: Males
Size: Medium
Adoption fee: $700 bonded pair


Aj & Rollee are lovely older gentle dogs, good with other dogs, older kids and people.  They ended up in the pound through no fault of their own!   Aj is a devoted (somewhat anxious) soul and Rollee is an outgoing fellow and quite spry despite his grey muzzle.  These two have been in each other’s company all their lives and need to be rehomed together where someone is home most of the time.

Update Oct 22.  Aj and Rollee have been long-term fostered by Alan and Vicki Brown.  Aj died of cancer in Oct, Rollee is going to be adopted by the Brown’s.